You have to stop people before you can talk to them. Then you have to say something to make them glad they stopped.

Sheraton Towers Print Ad
We take a different approach to hotel advertising.
Alternative Campaign
Don't want shots of the hotel? Or the chef? Or the concierge? This will do it.
Sheraton Towers 2
Two's company Insert
With the high cost of professional photography, it pays to use a good photo in as many ways as possible.
Print Ad
Arabian Nights on the beach in Goa.
The Leela Beach in Goa
Print Ad
Announcing the re-opening of YŁ seafood restaurant in The Regent, Hong Kong (now the Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong).
Print Ad
We try to capture the feeling of the city and the restaurant.
Watering Can
Saigon Print Ad
Contemporary Vietnamese cuisine in Wanchai and Stanley.
Print Ad
Great Indian food and entertainment in a Hong Kong landmark.
Four Seasons Food Print Ad
Four Seasons offers delicious variations on pizza and noodles at two of their restaurants.
Print Ad
After two hours on a pachyderm, you need a little pampering.
Luxury accommodations
Sayan Dream Print Ad
Someone to massage away all your worries -- even about the price.
Print Ads
Get your best ideas off the ground with a little help from Motorola.
Big ideas
Schoolboy Print Ad
We advocated granting right of abode in Britain to Hong Kong citizens.
Print Ad
Fly free to see the Rugby World Cup 2003 final, courtesy of Telstra.
Rugby World Cup 2003 Lucky Draw

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