Pictures stop us, but copy sells us. Good copywriting enhances the picture -- or eliminates it completely -- and tells us what we need to know.

Fruit Book Brochure
Everything you wanted to know about exotic fruits before you try them.
We take the opportunity to tell people what we love about Hong Kong.
Three brochures to launch Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. We do our best work when we can soak up the atmosphere.
Print Ad
There's no need to take a back seat to anyone on the road.
No Back-Seat Driver
clear_media_link.jpg - 16289 Bytes Annual Report
Another gold award winner for Clear Media.
Corporate Presentation
Business solutions from Hong Kong's premier mobile company.
1O1O Solutions from Hong Kong CSL
Trunk Mobile Radio Print Ad
We had to beat the competition to market, establish our expertise, and explain an unusual product. Humor was acceptable.

We have used the most photogenic examples of our work for web display, but 90% of copywriting is business correspondence, product leaflets, corporate brochures, newsletters and email messages that keep companies in touch with their staff, customers and shareholders.

If you have copywriting work, call us. There is very little that we don't do with words.

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