Direct Marketing

Direct marketing allows you to speak to people as individuals, often with less cost and greater rewards than other forms of advertising can offer.

CSL Brochure Corporate Brochure
A corporate brochure must say everything to everyone -- customers, investors and employees -- while conveying the essence of the company.
Facilities Brochure
When you have one of the most luxurious spas in the world, it's worth telling people. It's also nice to answer their questions to put them at ease.
Four Seasons Spa
Pacific Century Corporate Access Product Brochure
What adds to the impact of the brochure is the cover letter that went with it.
Corporate Brochure
Some down-to-earth talk about personal wealth.
How long is a lifetime?
Sara Beattie College College Brochure
Sara Beattie College has been training office professionals in Hong Kong for over thirty years.
Product/Service Brochure
A hardware and software solution to corporate security that's on duty 24 hours a day.
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Prudential Product Leaflets
Prudential explains insurance with images you can relate to and words you can understand.
Product Leaflets
With over five years' experience writing DM leaflets for Standard Chartered Bank, we have a few.
SCB Leaflets
Priority Banking Product Leaflet
With the right banking package, you can spend your time doing something other than banking.
As the sponsor of the Hong Kong Marathon, Standard Chartered took the opportunity to tailor a DM piece perfectly suited to the participants.
Standard Chartered Marathon
Marks & Spencer Catalog
With Marks & Spencer, you always have the confidence of knowing...

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