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FinanceAsia A bit of everything
Once we had the concept for, we used it everywhere -- print ads, banner ads, postcards and television commercials.
Just for fun
It seems as though everyone is sending out Christmas letters telling what their families have been doing in the past year. Deciding that mass communication is better than no communication, we joined the trend -- this will sleigh you.
First Annual Christmas Letter
Face the Wall Website
We created our first website to share our Darjeeling experiences. Since then we've added a few more travel tales.
Resort Tour
We stayed a week at the Four Seasons in Sayan just after they opened and posted an informal tour for future guests.
Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
Twelves Tastes of Christmas Christmas Card
What's more important to Hong Kong people than food? (Nothing, if you don't know the answer.) So we created our own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.
Don Ellis photography website.
Seeing Eye Dog

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