Thank you for getting in touch. You'll find a variety of projects in my online portfolio, listed by type and by client.

Copywriting -- where I've done mainly the copy.

Advertising -- where I've done more than the copy.

Direct Marketing -- where I've done more copy than I'd like.

Design -- where I've done away with copy.

Internet -- where my copy's done gone global.

Photography -- where I've done extra copy to make up the thousand words each picture is supposed to represent. (This link will open a new site in a new window.)

You might think we're done now, but there's more...

My client list will help you find clients and projects similar to your own.

Business Experience

I spent 16 years in manufacturing -- medical testing equipment, high-precision wood products, aluminum windows, and telephones.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in creating products you can touch and providing service people appreciate.

My titles included Traffic Manager, Designer, Manufacturing Director, and Administrative Director.

Advertising Experience

I have 27 years of advertising experience -- 3 with DDB Needham, 5.5 with Leo Burnett, 10 with McCann Erickson, and the rest on my own.

I stick to the truth in advertising and I use simple language. People have lives that don't include reading advertising, so you need to get your message across in an interesting, understandable, immediate way.

My titles included Senior Copywriter, Director of Internet Services, Head of English Copy, and Creative Director.


Together, the first thing we look for is your USP. Your unique selling point is what sets your product, service, company, or idea apart from the competition. When we find it, we find an interesting way to sell it.

My own USP is a combination of manufacturing experience, advertising ability, and a little insight.


The work on this website will show you what I've done for others. What I do for you will be different.

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